This assertion is simply wrong: 
"The typical seasonal flu is said to have a fatality rate of around 0.1 per cent."
Flu lethality is maximum 0,01% and average 0,005%. So all the building of this opinion crashes.
Covid-19 has a lethality of 0,2 -0,3%
I guess you are able to make the maths to understand the magnitude of the difference.
And we are verifying that in France and in other European countries.

"We are dealing with limited and flawed data. The statistical margin of error is naturally fairly high." 
Another piece of relativism.
No, the CI of the lethalities of flu and Covid-19 are very far from each other. Both observational and anecdotal findings are also very different. I have never seen in 35 years of surgery several nurses and physicians dying of the flu in the same beds than those where their patients were lying days ago. This is the case now. And that because of the virulence and viral load of SARS-CoV-2!