dimanche 21 février 2016

Godwin's point for the post about the supposed Trump's threat for America!


In an incredible bla bla this dem supporter also affiliated to Harvard university tries to convince us that she knows the great Hanna Arendt, that she knows what rep have to do in politics, that she knows everything about the future of US after Trump victory: a new nazi state will be funded and eventually she distributes the good and bad points to the rep candidates. Her aim is to suggest an emergency alliance between Democrats and non Trump republicans to eliminate him. But she forgot the basics: politics, debt, economy, immigration issues, what to do with the true totalitarianism (not the Trump's alleged one but that H Arendt should have recognised at once) which name is islamism and so on. Democracy is not about connivence it is about fair fight for ideas.
It is a shame that this kind of "journalism" could be accepted in a great journal.

And another paper on fascism

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