mardi 24 février 2015

Could we be confident in Iran nuclear plans?

Val d'Isère

Une accalmie?

Emprunts contractés par les directeurs d'hôpitaux français

Build up your personalized desk

Reformicons: shifting the welfare state to family and children?

"Stein begins with a powerful critique of the entitlement state. He notes that Social Security and Medicare have simultaneously increased society's need for children (to maintain a balance of workers and retirees) while diminishing the individual incentive to have them. Why bother raising children if Uncle Sam will take care of you in your old age? Worse, parents who do have children face double jeopardy in that they have to bear the expense of raising them while paying for current retirees. However, those who forego children get all the benefits without bearing the full costs. All of this discourages family formation, insists Stein."

An unknown and costly state interference in the healthcare system

Liability of terrorist organisations: the way to prevent future crimes?

lundi 23 février 2015


"70% of all the jews were killed.  Nearly every jew alive today was either there,  had relative lost there, or grew up in a home with a parent or grandparent that was there or that lost someone. We aren't a generation out yet. So close  still to so many.  
And many live their life trying to decide if they should go back there to visit the mass grave site or if it's just too hard because it was the site of the most horrific crime. 
What would you do?"

Costly french départements