vendredi 7 septembre 2012

Organisational innovation: a Canadian example

Contrary to media opinion especially in government sponsorised health care states the real danger of our societies is drug side effects and not drug shortages...
The side effects of drugs are largely under reported even in US where the reporting is backed by physicians organizations and the FDA.
How can we improve the situation?
Simply not by increasing the burden of work of physicians, simply not by implementing coercitive laws and regulations.
Canadian innovated in this field and more generally the potential of AI is huge for saving lives.

lundi 3 septembre 2012

Attention l'état français est de moins en moins sûr... French government is less secure...

It is possible that we shall see the french finances collapsing under the weight of the debt. In this perpsective increasing your allocation to governemnt funds like Livret A should be a fallacy. The tax exemption is indeed a smoke screen preventing you to see  the huge debt and the unsustainability of government finances in the present recession.[NL_meilleurs_articles_hebdo]-20120903-[politique_eco_conjoncture]