jeudi 21 novembre 2013

French paradoxes according to the latest data from OECD

1. A very long life expectancy especially for women.

2. a short time at work

Retirement at 60 years old was implemented when life expectancy showed a dramatic increase!

3. a high unemployment rate

4. a strong egalitarism

5. A medium range immigration level

6. a low employability level of immigrants

7.a very high cost of welfare for immigrants

8. A stagflation scenario for the next years

9. a high tax rate

10. what about the quality of life?

Synesthesia and autism

mardi 19 novembre 2013

Is self employment a symptom of low entrepreneurship?

Seuls les poissons morts vont dans le sens du courant

Are we alone?

"But evidence favoring life’s high probability could exist closer to home. No planet is more Earthlike than Earth itself. If life does pop up readily in Earthlike conditions, then it should have started many times, right here on our own planet. It could be that intermingled among the seething microbes all around us are some that are so biochemically different they could be descended only from a separate origin. You couldn’t tell by looking, only by delving into their molecular innards and finding something weird enough to rule out a common precursor. The discovery of just a single “alien” microbe under our very noses would be enough to conclude that the universe was indeed teeming with life."
Very stimulant conclusion: if life is due to our earth conditions we can expect several births of life on this planet! Isn't it?