mardi 5 juin 2012

Comment de la guerre peut naître la coopération

Vietnam extends US soldier hunt
Vietnam opens up new areas to teams searching for US soldiers missing from the Vietnam war, as US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta visits the country.

Un exemple à suivre. En particulier pour les peuples du Maghreb et pour les fanatiques de la culpabilisation des blancs colonisateurs dont certains sont au pouvoir en France.

Doctors are educated to do more and now they have to do less...

Screening is a very speculative medicine because it is about treating patients who are in good health... Indeed it could be difficult to chose between the risk of the natural history of the disease and the risks of the treatment.
It's so true that money is not the main incentive. It's a mix between education and defense against litigation. A mix which is very hard to fight when studies show that doctors have to do less.