lundi 11 décembre 2017

Ranking of french medicine schools

US media debacle

EU is splitted and it will worsen

Western Europe is collectivist and open to African immigration but Eastern Europe is a conservative and free market set very hostile to immigration.
The eurozone is led by the ECB which prints money to bail out indebted states at the expense of citizen taw payers id est spoliation.
Northern Eurozone is fiscally conservative, efficiently managed but Southern Eurozone is Keynesian and/or bankrupted.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies: a wild concurrence to central bank emission and spoliation of citizens

There is no basis for money supply to avoid escaping state regulation and state spoliation.

The technology of bitcoin is viable. There is high yield but also high risk.
As usual.

Growth in France is the privilege of public debt

The end of public debt is in the trend: growth of debt is unsustainable

Radiology and AI

dimanche 10 décembre 2017

Social constructed versus genetically determined structures

Incohérence de la classe politique à propos du glyphosate

Les Républicains sont aussi incohérents que Macron sur ce sujet car ils obéissent au doigt et a l’oeil aux verts et font semblant de soutenir les agriculteurs français gros consommateurs de pesticides et d’herbicides.
G Peltier en remet une couche en parlant de la nécessité d’une recherche d’alternatives... dans un pays qui a la dépense publique la plus élevée du monde, on s’étonne que l’ensemble des mammouths CNRS Inra Inserm et autres agences, on s’étonne que le monopole de l’assurance-maladie MSA CNAM n’aient pas encore accouché d’une étude dont les données sont dans leurs ordinateurs.
All talk no action.

Diversity a new exclusive meaning in the progressivist world

James Damore is a fool. He didn't understand that we're in an era in which neologisms have replaced language and vocabulary has been hijacked to become Leftist code words. "Diversity" no longer has the neutral, objective meaning of "an array of different items or choices" (as in "a conference presenting diverse views on the  causes of World War I"); it has been stripped of its connection to intellectual perspectives and opinions. Diversity now is code for a leftist policy to exclude males and/or white phenotypes from the lineup in academia, the arts and corporations. That is its only meaning. To work in tech and not know this is to be too clueless to live.