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who is Jamal Khashoggi

« CONCERNED about the Saudi reporter killed in Turkey? Don’t be – here are facts about him, and I am glad he is gone.

Wiesenthal Centre Exposes Jamal Khashoggi Antisemitic Tweets

Paris, 17 October

The Wiesenthal Centre expresses its horror and revulsion at the presumed gruesome murder of journalist Jamal Kashoggi. In a search, however, of his official Twitter account, Simon Wiesenthal Centre Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, discovered the following tweets of 16 October 2015.

FROM JAMAL KHASHOGGI: The Tomb of the Prophet Joseph, attacked by demonstrators yesterday in Nablus is a Jewish lie is a shrine built in the Turkish era and surrounded by Jews to the school of extremism and claimed that Joseph peace be upon him

FROM JAMAL KHASHOGGI: The Jews have no history in Palestine, so they invented the wall of the prophet, a Mamluk building. After 67 they noticed the tomb of Joseph in Nabuls, and they decided that he was the prophet of Joseph.

FROM JAWAD AL-HASHEMI: Jews without history in Palestine !!! The feeling is that our teacher knows that you have come to history like my knowledge of Korean !!! Best greeting !!

FROM JAMAL KHASHOGGI: Go and dig with them, Jawad al-Hashemi, perhaps you will find them a tomb or an effect to be blessed with it, they have dug long and wide and did not find anything, so you have experience.

RESPONSE FROM JAWAD AL-HASHEMI: For your knowledge, we, the Muslims, took us from the Jews to the name of Jerusalem, they called Jerusalem the name of the house of Hamei Kadesh, and we stole it and called it Beit-al-Maqdis.

FROM JAMAL KHASHOGGI: A flaw ... The Muslims did not steal anything from the Jews, and I think you are a Muslim who cherishes your identity, do not provoke me more than this.

RESPONSE FROM YAZEED1404 (speaking of Jawad al-Hashemi): Professor Jamal, your guest is Jewish

FROM JAMAL KHASHOGGI: @JawadAlhashimy is not a Jew but an Iraqi "diplomat" in New York.

As an international human rights organization, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre is anxious that the truth of Mr. Khashoggi's fate is uncovered and accounted for. »

Erection and genomics


Erectile dysfunction affects millions of men worldwide. Twin studies support the role of genetic risk factors underlying erectile dysfunction, but no specific genetic variants have been identified. We conducted a large-scale genome-wide association study of erectile dysfunction in 36,649 men in the multiethnic Kaiser Permanente Northern California Genetic Epidemiology Research in Adult Health and Aging cohort. We also undertook replication analyses in 222,358 men from the UK Biobank. In the discovery cohort, we identified a single locus (rs17185536-T) on chromosome 6 near the single-minded family basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor 1 (SIM1) gene that was significantly associated with the risk of erectile dysfunction (odds ratio = 1.26, P = 3.4 × 10−25). The association replicated in the UK Biobank sample (odds ratio = 1.25, P = 6.8 × 10−14), and the effect is independent of known erectile dysfunction risk factors, including body mass index (BMI). The risk locus resides on the same topologically associating domain as SIM1 and interacts with the SIM1 promoter, and the rs17185536-T risk allele showed differential enhancer activity. SIM1 is part of the leptin–melanocortin system, which has an established role in body weight homeostasis and sexual function. Because the variants associated with erectile dysfunction are not associated with differences in BMI, our findings suggest a mechanism that is specific to sexual function.

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