mercredi 22 avril 2015


What are the true assertions?

Socialists end eventually to hand over cash of others!

Gassing acknowledged by SS Oskar Gröning

The atrocities he witnessed, he said, included one night in December 1942 when he was roused from bed to help hunt down fleeing prisoners. In the process, he told the court, he saw prisoners herded into a farmhouse and an SS superior tip gas out of a can into an opening. The screams of the prisoners inside “grew louder and more desperate, and after a short time became quieter and then stopped completely,” Mr. Gröning said.


Oskar Gröning in his SS uniform.CreditMuseum Auschwitz-Birkenau/Museum Auschwitz Birkenau, via Associated Press 

“That was the only time I saw a complete gassing,” he said, emphasizing, “I did not take part.”

Jobs and growth

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France does not get the good policy mix...

1/10 the price of the precedent package of genetic tests for breast cancer: capitalism works

(Y)ou are not welcome

mardi 21 avril 2015

France and economic policy

With the same Code du travail, the 35hrs/week, the 60years old retirement, France's job market cannot take any benefit of growth.
1,7 million offers are not fullfilled by a more than 10% jobless population.