mardi 8 octobre 2013

One must question some evidences about increase of life expectancy and health expenses

It is often a leit motiv among politicians:
increase of Life Expectancy must increase health care spending. So it is natural that we spend more and more about health. Yep but let us rethink to the word health. Do you seak of insurance spending for a disease or health spending to avoid it?
It is true in our present paradigm...
But delaying the aging process could change the game.

lundi 7 octobre 2013

Yes you can understand smoking!

French version:
Cours gratuit express: Tabac fumé = Nico + Goudrons
Nico = Addiction (Cerveau), l'addiction n'est pas mortelle.
Goudrons = Cancers (partout depuis la bouche jusqu'aux alvéoles du poumon et AUX EMONCTOIRES DES GOUDRONS, sang, vessie, rein, tissu gras par ex sein...), les cancers sont potentiellement mortels.
Sniffez mâchez ou à la rigueur dépensez plus pour inhaler de la nico sans goudrons (e-cig).

English version:
Free express course
Smoking tobacco = Nico + tars

Nico = addiction (a hook in your brain), addiction is not deadly.
Tars = cancers ( everywhere tars are in contact with cells and DNA, id est from mouth to lung via air and via blood, kidney, bladder and fat deposit like in breast...). Cancer is potentially fatal.

So go sniffing chewing to avoid tars and cancers!
If you ask yourself how to spend my money buy an e-cigarette...
Then you will have nico without tars.