vendredi 31 janvier 2014

Virage libéral en France ?

Une économie qui est spoliée à 47% par l'état qui dépense 57 % du PIB ne peut pendre aucun virage. Elle s'est arrêtée.
Vélocité de la monnaie en chute libre, investissement à zéro dans tous les sens, augmentation de la circulation des espèces.
Voilà le résultat de la politique expérimentale du PS.

mercredi 29 janvier 2014

You want to sprint? Right, but read these advises

It is possibly a major step toward a huge stem cell industry

Stimulus-triggered fate conversion of somatic cells into pluripotency

Published online


Here we report a unique cellular reprogramming phenomenon, called stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency (STAP), which requires neither nuclear transfer nor the introduction of transcription factors. In STAP, strong external stimuli such as a transient low-pH stressor reprogrammed mammalian somatic cells, resulting in the generation of pluripotent cells. Through real-time imaging of STAP cells derived from purified lymphocytes, as well as gene rearrangement analysis, we found that committed somatic cells give rise to STAP cells by reprogramming rather than selection. STAP cells showed a substantial decrease in DNA methylation in the regulatory regions of pluripotency marker genes. Blastocyst injection showed that STAP cells efficiently contribute to chimaeric embryos and to offspring via germline transmission. We also demonstrate the derivation of robustly expandable pluripotent cell lines from STAP cells. Thus, our findings indicate that epigenetic fate determination of mammalian cells can be markedly converted in a context-dependent manner by strong environmental cues.

We said it:
Read this

Interesting for surgeons who would manage their life...

mardi 28 janvier 2014

France's debt and public hospitals

Roubini on France's debt

"Following the election of President François Hollande in May 2012, many investors believed French bond yields would rise. Instead, yields have continued to fall and currently stand near historic lows (1.54% on average for all maturities in 2013, versus 1.86% in 2012), and the spread against German 10y bond yields has more than halved, with the on-the-run benchmark 2024 just 52 bps wide to Germany’s yields. What can account for the strong performance of French government bonds?"

My answer is: 
1/ ECB
2/ ECB and BOJ
3/ ECB and FED

And what is Your answer?

What is the truth?