mardi 26 avril 2016

Even Tchernobyl didn't increase thyroid cancers in France but other explanations for increasing prevalence can be found

6 µSv: Typical radiation from a dentist's X-ray
10 μSv: Average daily natural radiation
40 μSv: Radiation from flying from New York to Los Angeles
100 µSv: Radiation from a 10-hour flight across the North Atlantic 
2,100 µSv: Annual radiation of a typical person in Europe 
3,000 μSv: Radiation from a mammogram
3,600 μSv: Average annual radiation of a US citizen
50,000 μSv: Maximum allowable yearly occupational dose in the US
100,000 μSv: Lowest yearly dose linked to increased risk of cancer
2,000,000 μSv: Severe and potentially fatal

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The main fact is that those results are not from prospective studies and uncertainty is high as french cancer registers concern only 20% of the population despite the fact that we have a single payer. Last but not least BEH is not truly a peer reviewed paper.
Few papers are dealing with this issue in the literature:

And those who want to understand the communist rhetoric about radiation exposure should read that:

And eventually human effects of radiation is probably not as we previously think about:

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