vendredi 7 août 2015

Do you pay when you buy in a supermarket? Why french hospitals allow you to quit without paying?


1/ When you need that the government passes a law in order that foreigners do pay French hospitals for care when they use them, your country is in a mess. So our government and ruling class are the only problem of France!
2/ French hospitals are managed by public servants all trained in a special school in Rennes.
Instead of a new law let the managers bill the patients and solve the problem with foreign patients which are not covered by a healthcare insurance by a simple deposit of cash! So let them do it like Hotels, Restaurants and travel agencies. In saying that I suppose that they are aware of solutions born in a market society, this is not sure.
3/ last and major point: french hospitals are not able to bill the actual cost of care. Indeed they apply tariffs to foreigners which are not appropriate because they are not bound by contracts with those foreigners. Instead they have to implement a dedicated software with the true expenses and use of hospital services... As they don't they lose a lot of money.

As usual this subject winned the headlines during a few days but no action will be decided. And the debt increases. And our country is moving near Greece where hospitals haven't paid medical devices and drugs since years.

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